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Does installing an alarm cause damage to my decorations?

No not at all, our installers have been installing alarms for many years, and know how to install the equipment quickly, efficiently and as unobtrusive as possible.We use cavity walls whenever possible to run cables.This ensures the highest possible installation with virtually no wires, we also install the latest wire free systems, call us for a free quote

Why choose Select Security Systems?

The type of alarm and other electronic security solutions you choose is very important. However, if you want it to be effective and meet the requirements of your insurer or the police, it is important that the system is installed and maintained in accordance with the required standards by an SSAIB installation company. Many companies or individuals will tell you they can install an alarm, often cheaply, but are they:-

  • capable of meeting the standards of workmanship and service you would expect?
  • SSAIB Accredited and installing to EN50131 : PD6662 : BS8243
  • properly security vetting all relevant staff to British Standards?
  • operating a 24 hour call out service and able to respond within 4 hours?
  • fully insured?
  • completing a thorough security survey and risk assessment of your property?
  • installing reliable, up to date equipment?
  • issuing you with an SSAIB Certificate for your system?
  • offering you a maintenance contract?
  • meeting the stringent requirements of your insurer?

We are specialists in the Alarm/CCTV market, If we do not offer a particular product you can be assured that there is a very good reason why. Alarms and CCTV is not an “add on” of our business, it is what we are and what we do.

I’ve had a cheaper quote by another company why are you more expensive?

We allow 1 -2 days to install a typical system, and we only install the best equipment available. Some companies install on price alone, fitting the cheapest equipment on the market, running cables under carpets and in trunking. If you are after a £300 alarm we cannot help you.

We are accredited by the SSAIB, which is UKAS regulated, we are registered with 5 Police Forces.

I have pets, will the alarm still work?

Yes. Some companies will sell you a “Pet tolerant” detector, these are what they say pet tolerant, they may and will set your alarm off now and then. If you have pets we prefer to use ‘Vibration’ detectors. Vibration detectors will detect intruders before they enter, and you will suffer no false alarms, if you have large dogs, or cats, then this is the ONLY option (unless you like false alarms)

What back up service is there?

We have engineers who are dedicated to servicing and installing alarms. Operating from Leeds we can give you quick efficient service at all times. Our call centre operates 24 hours a day. We are also regulated to provide a response within set guidelines.

What guarantee do I get?

All systems come with a full 12 months guarantee, which includes parts and labour. After 12 months have elapsed you have the option to extend your warranty for another 12 months. All our installations meet with Insurance & Police requirements. Every new installation receives an SSAIB certificate on completion.

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