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Our Work

Our clients rely upon us to provide a professional and personal service, and that their staff always have a contact point in case of emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our work varies from domestic to commercial & retail, below is just a small selection of our work we have provided to our commercial customers:

Installation of a police monitored site with over 32 HD camera installation across 2 sites, with a further 2 more monitored sites in Leeds.

December 2020 installation of 54 HD Camera system at Armley Road site, with a further 46 HD cameras installed at their Leeds site off Regent Street. All Cameras provided were 4K ultra.

Nisa Local Stores

After a break-in we were contracted into supplying and installing a 16 Way CCTV Camera system into Nisa Local Stores, we also installed a Castle Euro46 Alarm System to protect the premises against further thefts. The Euro46 System is very easy to use, users can set/unset the system by simply holding a proximity fob near the keypad. The CCTV system installed has detected many shoplifters, and has also been used to secure prison terms for a robbery which took place, resulting in bodily harm to the staff, the culprits were arrested following CCTV evidence obtained from our System.

We have now installed systems at Nisa Garforth, Nisa Claypit Lane, Nisa Easterly Road, Nisa Stockport and Darwen

 Bluebird Vehicles Scarborough.

Bluebird Vehicles contacted us to install a large CCTV system in their Scarborough production factory. The system was installed into the IT room consisting of a number of DVR recorders and power supplies. The system images were fed to the factory offices where members of the staff could view on large CCTV monitors. The ability to view on any PC in the factory was also possible, along with remote viewing from outside of the premises on mobile phones etc.  The installation was very challenging, being a large vehicle manufacturing facility health & safety was very important to the customer and to our engineers, we were able to complete the installation of CCTV inside and around the exterior within the time scale provided and within set budgets.

Menzies Leeds

We were commissioned to install a new Intruder Alarm to the Leeds distribution depot. The building is vast, as such the Intruder Alarm had to be able to cope with 50+ detectors 30+ door contacts, a number of keypads sounders and power supplies etc. The system we installed was a Euro162 control panel on BT Redcare. The installation took several days to complete, after which the system was handed over to the customer. The system was designed to be easy to use, yet able to cope with multiple users and provide a monitored solution to meet the needs of the customer.

Tomms Pharmacy

Tomms Pharmacy a large pharmaceutical distribution depot required our services to provide- Intruder Alarm (Police Monitored) Access Control – Fire Alarm – CCTV System.  We were happy to have received the order to provide all these services, our engineers installed the latest Euro76 Intruder Alarm with BT Redcare, along with a comprehensive CCTV system covering the building inside and outside. We also installed a full door access system and state of the art Fire Ray fire system to protect the building from fire. The fire alarm system to connect to West Yorkshire Fire Service should it activate via our ARC. The client was very happy with our work and has continued using our services.

  Sparkles Dental Labs

Sparkles Dental Labs manufacturing plant in Leeds required a Police Monitored Alarm System, we installed as normal our Euro76 system with CSL DualCom dual path signalling to summon a Police response in the event of an alarm activation. The system allows our engineer team to remote diagnose any faults should they occur from our office. Remote service visits can also be carried out using our secure server. The Alarm System installed was selected as the customer needed the very best security to protect their building. After a number of other quotes we were selected to provide this service. We have since provided further services to this company on their other sites.

Days Inn Wetherby

The Days Inn Wetherby, they already had a CCTV system installed, but this was failing and several cameras were of poor quality and a number had failed. After getting 4 quotes from a number of other companies, we were selected to provide them with an Upgrade to their dated system. The existing system was poorly installed, some of the cameras were of poor quality and the wiring was poorly installed. We installed new recording equipment, cameras and provided a solution to the customer’s requirements. We only used the best equipment we could find, yet we turned out to be the most competitive which just goes to show its not about the price that counts. We are very happy to have been selected to provide this prestigious client with such a system. This business provides quality accommodation to guests from all over the UK and abroad, needless to say that security of staff and their guests comes very high on the agenda.

Tai Lee Hong Leeds & Sheffield

We installed a large 16 Way Camera System in Sheffield on their warehouse, some cameras were even installed in freezers and fridges, we installed specialist cameras to cope with -30 degree tempreatures. We also installed a Police Monitored Alarm System in their Sheffield Warehouse which took our engineers over 1 week to install, this was due to the vast size of the building.

Leeds cash & carry warehouse on Regent Street Leeds has nearly 50 cameras over 8 screens, the site again is very large, the CCTV system on both sites enable the owners to view the sites from anywhere in the world, images are remotely streamed into their Dewsbury depot so that images may be seen on a large screen also. We love working with this customer, they have provided us with work in abundance, they are very keen to get the best price, needless to say we always provide them with a system at a price point to hammer the competition yet provide a quality end product.

Leeds Women’s Aid

Leeds Women’s Aid provide housing for women and children in Leeds who are seeking shelter from domestic violence or other forms of refuge, these houses are secret locations that must be kept secure from anyone trying to enter, in fact no men are allowed in the properties!. We have now installed several Panic Alarm systems which are linked 24-7 to our ARC. With swift Police response should they need it. Installing the latest of alarm systems with confirmation PA technology means less chance of any false alarms. These systems are remotely checked on an on-going basis to make sure they are performing as required. We used the latest UDL via GPRS DualCom signalling.

Spire Leeds Hospital

We have provided security for Spire Leeds Hospital for a number of year’s. Installing initially a large CCTV system to cover the car parks and ward corridors, then onto installing further cameras around the hospital, along with a security system for the onsite pharmacy. The installation was challenge, a number of CCTV cameras were installed onto CCTV column’s, these feed images onto the hospital network. As the hospital was operational as the works were being carried out, cleanliness and speed was essential, working within tight health & safety parameters we successfully delivered a system to the satisfaction of the hospital director and works management.

Aireborough Rifle & Revolver Club

Security is paramount, especially when firearms are involved. Needless to say we had to endure this system met with all the Insurance & Police Guidelines so that any attempt to enter this property was followed by a response you would expect from the relevant authorities. The system was installed with the minimum of fuss, and with over 50+ people using the alarm it needed to be easy to operate. The system is able to be extended when the building needs change, this was also a factor. We were very happy to have been chosen to provide a system to this club.

Officers Club Crossgates Leeds

We have provided a security system to alert management if stock is being removed from site without the managements knowledge. We co-ordinated our installation to coincide with the shop refurb. It was installed within a day, and was installed to a tight schedule so that it did not cause a delay to the shop opening on time after the re-fit.

British Army Foundation College Harrogate

British Army Foundation College Harrogate. We were asked to upgrade the CCTV system. The existing system was a cheap one, consisting of some cheap poorly fitted cameras. We installed the latest Samsung Dome cameras which provided much clearer images. The system recording equipment and monitors were also upgraded. We were selected after several quotes, and we were again happy to have been selected for such a prestigious client. We hope to continue working with the AFC in in future.

Sime Boilers

Again in a similar way to many of our other installations, we were asked to install a CCTV system to the distribution depot of Sime in Castleford. The system has to be easy to use, and have the ability to be remotely accessed off site. We installed a system at a set budget of under £1500. The system was installed within a day and was installed to the satisfaction of senior management. This goes to show you do not need to spend a fortune to have a decent CCTV system!

Aire Force Leeds

Installation of a CCTV system to protect the sales area/ trade counter along with warehouse and offices. This system is typical of our work, linking the images onto the clients network so that images can be viewed off site on almost any device such as a mobile phone. The director was so pleased with our work that he had a similar system along with a Police monitored alarm installed at his home address. We find this happens a lot.

  Ginetta – LNT Group Leeds

We were contacted by the IT dept to look at their existing CCTV system, it was in need of alterations and additions. We installed an additional 16 Way DVR unit, 2 high speed dome cameras and other static cameras. These were all controlled by a keyboard and joystick controller at the security desk. This allows full control of both 16 Way DVR units onsite. I must say that it was an absolute pleasure to have worked at these premises, the cars!  what can I say, if you like sports cars then this place is heaven. We carried out the work over 3 days. We have since been back to add further cameras onto the system.

CK Foods

We have supplied CK foods with their CCTV requirements for a number of years, we were very happy to have been chosen to provide a CCTV system and a BT Redcare Monitored Alarm at their latest £4 million pound factory in Bradford. The system comprises of a large number of housed cameras along with a very sophisticated alarm system to protect the offices and warehouse premises. Every door, room, or area had to be protected to the highest standard possible. Kings Security of Bradford who are located nearby provide security guard response in the event of any activations. Another large site to our bow.

Ico Polymers Gainsborough

Having had 3 quotes for CCTV installation at their Gainsborough processing factory, we were selected to provide ICO with a large CCTV installation across 2 buildings at the same site.

The site is large, over 200m x 200m, we installed 3 DVR recorders, 5 CCTV monitors, and a total of 33 camera’s. The installation took 13 man days to install. The CCTV system is to be used for health & safety reasons as well as security of property. ICO Polymers is owned by Schulman inc, a world leader in plastics. We are very happy to have been selected to provide this project. We installed all the camera’s with not a single power supply in sight, whereby other companies had requested the customer provide power sockets at camera locations we did not. Using a Patented system that does not require local power to feed the camera’s!

Spa Laminates Leeds

Already having a national companies alarm installed, however the standard of the system was inadequate. We therefore removed the previous system, and installed a new system with Police Response. We also helped saved our customer a lot of money on their service contract which was good news.

Value Doors UK

Value Doors install the very best doors in the UK, they are a well known reputable brand. We have just finalised the installation of a CCTV System at their new      manufacturing premises in Leeds. The system allows them to keep an eye on the property at all times. The system installed is easy to use and offers high clarity of images which was an important consideration. The System was installed within a day.

Ali Baba Carpets Leeds

After installing a security system for the owner and his father, we were chosen to install a monitored alarm and CCTV system to their new premises on Whitehall Road Leeds, this company is growing and we will soon be installing yet another system to their Bradford site. We love jobs like this where existing customers choose to keep using our services. If you are looking for a trustworthy accredited installer, then why not give us a call, we have been installing security systems for 25 years!

gasAll About Gas – All About Plumbing

After being told by their insurance company they needed a Police Monitored Alarm System, we were approached to install a new system in order for it to comply with the latest standards BS8243 & PD6662 2010. The new system is in fact much easier to use and will provide a level 1 Police response in the event of any activation.  This installation was very straightforward and went like clockwork.

chamChameleon Technology Ltd

We were chosen to provide a security solution that encompassed Fire, Intruder & Access Control. A system was designed that allowed the system to communicate relevant alarms to our ARC, the system also provides access control for the premises, with a Police response for activations. We were chosen as we were able to provide a full security solution that met with their exacting requirements.


 shak    Shaks Specialist Cars Ltd

We were chosen to install the latest IP CCTV to this high class car showroom. The showroom houses some of the most expensive cars ever made. We also installed a Police Monitored Alarm System with some of the latest technology available today.

We are very happy to have been part of this new showroom premises.

revive   Revive Leeds

We tendered for the contract to install a HD CCTV system to this site, there was strong competition. Needless to say we chosen to carry out the works. We also installed a second system into their other site.

The system installed covers all aspects in and around the building, and delivers quality images in real time.

This is a great site for us, we are very proud.


Easy Bathrooms

Having already installed security for their Leeds depot, we have now completed installations in 70 stores nationwide, with a further of 80 more in 2021. All the sites have HD CCTV installed, along with Monitored security systems. This company is growing fast and we are proud to have been selected to be their security systems provider.

Some other clients include:-

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